faith in fate

Every now and then, I am reminded that there are some things in life that can only be attributed to luck or God (or both, if Luck is your god). Though I have never been a firm believer in either, some things are simply too coninsidential to be ignored; love for instance, is a rare gift which blesses those who are lucky enough to stumble upon it. The events of today share a similar pattern.

Today, I took a wrong road. I was upset, and driving back to Baltimore from an unexplored city in Pennsylvania. I was lost in some speck-on-the-map village on a hill, where cultivated fields stretch out from the road on either side. There just happened to be an antique store there, and I just happened to need watch parts. The owner, an old man with a cigarette, sketchily greeted me on the porch and invited me inside. He just happens to be a watch maker. He presents me with box after box of watch parts and lets me pick which ones I want.
The old man just happens to be an art collector. He shows me an original Saint-Mémin etching that was previously undiscovered. Not a print, not a sample, but the original plate itself, worth at least 10k. Then he hands me a Matisse. I held a Matisse.
The old man just happens to be a gallery owner. He takes me to his gallery, introduces me to every painting and every story, because he knows all the artists personally.
The old man just happens to offer me a show.

Free watch parts, and an infinite supply of more.

who knows?


life size anatomy

this is what i look like without any skin

i'm in the yellow

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