Drawing is Stinky

A few drawings from my 100. Now I've got to combine these quickfire ideas into one large piece. It's gonna be 3D.

It's been a long time since my last work in charcoal. I forgot how toxic Krylon fixatif is.

The bottom sketch is 3D- it's casting a shadow off to the right. This is what I'm going for. I'm pumped.

I spent two weeks in Florida. Teaching dogs how to sing the blues.

Welcome Back

Semester's here again, ready and rearing to kick my butt. I'm in advanced drawing, glassblowing, Hitchcock film theory, digital 3d object design, and biology.

My first assignment: 3 hours, 100 drawings.

I'm having a hard time not building things with the paper I'm trying to draw on. I guess my drawings are gonna end up being quite sculptural. Should be interesting.