Here's the trailer for a film I've just signed on to produce as Assistant Director. It's the pilot for a webseries called "Birthright." The pilot is "Countdown." We're shooting for a February release date, I hear the Charles is interested in screening the premier. Check it out!

A little behind the scenes special:

yer here, its here

This is my final version of "You Are Here."
Created entirely without a camera by scratching emulsion off 16mm film,
then drawing on the frames.
version 1
raw footage
Where we are is who we are; then who are we as our location changes? This film is centered on the red dot commonly found on public maps, "You Are Here." The dot undulates nervously, constantly morphing. It does not mark a location at all, but rather describes the uncertain nature of place and our belonging to it. The dot is forgotten as the film turns into a vertical landscape, flowing down the frame. This horizon line is also constantly changing, then transforming into abstract colors and form.
The sound featured is a recording of Shelly Blake-Plock's live performance
"From Here to There is Nothing if Not Difficult."
Two turntables and a microphone, a distortion pedal, and a lot of tin foil.


it's official. you should come.

Experimental Animation Show Trailer from Phil Davis on Vimeo.

 Here are some finished projects from my ceramics course in sculpture this past semester.

"Cast Off"
Two shards of faces, eyes from a vacant identity. They belong together but cannot be connected. The wheels on their backs allude to the shards' potential mobility, but prevent them from aligning. They cannot see each other, but they cannot move on their own.
process 1
process 2
"Reliquary for a Field"
Project assignment: create a ceremonial vessel using coils.
A reliquary is an object that houses holy relics, mostly used in medieval European cathedrals. They are used to remember and honor saints from the past (sometimes holding bits of their bones and hair). My reliquary houses a small grassy field. I haven't lived in a place with a lawn in over five years, and I've really been missing it. This reliquary allows me to keep that memory.
The grass was planted and grown within the vessel.
 Jewelry grad student Rachel Timmins vs the weird ass TV cover in the sculp studio.

My films from this semester will be screened!!! Open invitation, all are invited. Grab a six pack and come watch some sweet animation from my class.

"You Are Here: 1"

My final film, "You Are Here: 1" 
16mm scratch film
Created entirely by hand without a camera.
Sound designed by scratching amplified steel strings.

Crank up that volume.