My solo show opening is coming up fast. I'm getting excited. I need to build a shit ton of pedestals.


 Excellent design by Kate Gilman. She gave me about 15 proofs to pick from! If you are interested in using her as well, contact me and I'll send along her info.


This is what the inside of a build looks like for rapid prototyping (3D printing). This is just a test piece with five moveable parts to find the clearences and tolerences of the material I'll be using for a later project.


 Hand sanding this whole beast. Soon it will have a plume of blown glass coming out of the top, and hand carved wheels will be mounted in steel at its base.

 I'm gonna need much more paper.

Here's a bit of process- The top half needs to be attached to the bottom, but the carving needs to be finished first. I draw on the wood to figure out what form it needs to take.

My landscape boxes are coming along nicely. They can all be rearranged according to their horizon lines, and they are all different depths, so the landscape constantly morphs as the viewer moves around the piece.

home sweet home.


modeling for  the lovely rachel timmins

sneak peak

sculpture, "K-1"
laminated poplar
photography for my press kit by jessica schimpf


Plugged In

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