Sometimes, I make awesome ashtrays out of steel.


I apologize for the lack of posting. My camera has been to one too many summer festivals, and did not survive the last :( The aperture is jammed, but it can be repaired (for $90..) SO for a while at least, I'll be forced to share images with you all from my mac's camera. I hope you can still see everything clearly enough!

Sculp-tor, rawr!

Here's a cute little thing I made in metal. It's for a hollow form construction project- he's made of several panes of steel welded together, then ground down smooth. All hand forged parts. I think I'm gonna paint it pink and baby yellow matte. This was alot of fun to make! I've got another piece that's almost finished in the same style. I'll post some pictures when the new one is finished (it's due Monday... eek).

Monday is my last final! Then I can finally accept the fact that it's summer right now, and I should not be in school OR worried about finals. Again.

I'll be in NYC for four days this weekend, and I'll try to post some pictures from the trip.


Ich grolle nicht

Sometimes, the Germans say it best.


I'm obsessed with this song right now. Andrew Bird covers this beautifully with his Bowl of Fire "Pathetique," but he updates the music into a vaudeville style a la The Real Tuesday Weld. The first half is dark and brooding and sounds quite a bit like "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch." The second is light and happy, sounding like Sinatra (which really contrasts with the lyrics). I can't for the life of me find a recording of Bird's version, but it's so worth looking up. I'd love to cover this as well with my own spin. I'm gonna work on it when I get home tonight.


I bear no grudge,
Even though my heart may break.
Eternally lost love, I bear no grudge.
Though you're shining in your diamond splendor,
No ray of light falls on the darkness of your heart.
I've known it well for a long time;
I bear no grudge!

I bear no grudge.
I saw you in a dream!
I saw the darkness in your heart;
I saw the snake that feeds upon your heart!
I saw my love,
How utterly wretched you are!

Diving Belle

It's summertime, and I have lots of time for music again. It feels so good to be writing- I used to feel so confinedt topically, but now I feel free to write about whatever and whoever I want. There is some good stuff on the way. Ashley's been playing with me about three times a week- we're learning some old standards while I'm working on new material.

Alot of people have been asking how we got the band name "Diving Belle." I named the band before "The Divingbell and the Butterfly" was released; instead, the title is based on a poem I wrote a while ago. Here's an excerpt:
Without you she'll wander
Where words are much fonder
Where kisses are sweeter
Than dreams now asunder

She'll never stop running
Where the wind wants to take her
And she'll never look back
To see what might chase her

She's gone too far now, you've lost her
In the ocean you bought her
She's a misenthrope master
She's a diving disaster

I had a nice two weeks of no art homework, but class is back in session for the next five weeks or so. I've learned a new skill:

No big burns to speak of (so far)

Baby's first welded... thing.

I've made some progress on this piece as well. The arms are now permanently attached, the wood has been fiberglassed, primed, and gessoed, ready for the latex paint.

I really really hate that she's wearing a shirt. I'm gonna grind it off tomorrow so this becomes a nude. The fabric of the shirt pulls the organic relationship between body and nature apart. It's too distracting and irrelevant. Removing the shirt will take me probably another 10 hours or so... boo. Why do I set my standards so high? In any case, this piece will be ready for the student show next semester.

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