Back to the soundboard...

Another shot at home recording. I'm a little rusty. Here's a cover of Elliott Smith's "Between the Bars" I recorded earlier today.

It feels good to play music again. I've got an album worth of unfinished songs- hopefully I'll have time to finish writing them this summer, and maybe even get some onto tape. I made friends with one of my neighbors this week, who just happens to have a recording studio in his house. Yay!


"Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, never follow someone else's path unless you're in the woods and you see a path, then by all means follow that."

I can't wait to see where my life will lead me. It's looking good.

How Projects Are Born

Aluminum Pour

3am, Sunday night. What were you doing?

"alum sculp awesome great job. beer tom at gla?"

...After so many hours around so many fumes, we've started our own language.

Tunnel Vision

One test to go...

Now I can get back to thinking about music, now I can finish some personal projects, now I can finally take that road trip


My arms, my legs, my heart, my face...

My name is "Driftwood"


Also, Batman will be molded and cast soon (probably next week...) I'm thinking either fiberglass or hydrocal- I'm gonna need to buy some rubber either way.

I'm so excited to be able to work on my own projects again!

Work hard, play hard. Never stop.

Finally, Fiberglass!

I feel so good right now (despite having been on campus almost constantly since Sunday..)!! Everything right now is awesome. I've got the most awesome friends I've had in years, my art is the strongest it's ever been, my future is nothing but potential, and I've got every reason to wake up every morning and be ecstatic about where I am and who I'm with. This summer is going to be amazing no matter if I end up in Providence or Baltimore- I can't wait!

For the past several years, I have been focusing my artistic direction on entirely the wrong things. My subject matter has been far too professional; I've been concentrating on portfolio, on expression, on popularity- I'd forgotten what it's like to just make something for myself. I've been too distracted by other people, and I've made too much art about them without making any art for myself.

This piece is a throwback to my old paintings- latex and ink color fields. I love how the paint is graphic and acts to flatten out the three-dimensional surface. See the branch attached to the shoulderblade? There will be another on the other arm, and more branches have been built to spew out from the waist like a twisted driftwood dress. It stands about four feet high when assembled, and I'll post more progress pictures as I go along. I need to cement the branches onto the fiberglass, bondo the lines out, and paint it. It's a great summer project, and it'll be submitted to several upcoming shows including the Student Show next semester.


This is great. Great piece, great semester, great job!


I love construction sites at night. They are so surreal- it's almost like watching a moonscape. Everything is lit with that super bright white light, everyone is wearing masks and helmets and reflective gear... It's what I love most about driving around the beltway in the early morning. If I were a painter (or maybe someday I will be), I'd paint these scenes.

This one is of tractors and dumptrucks rebuilding the beach in Galveston, TX after the hurricane swept it all away.

Zeke Concept

They're calling me "the anchor" for this project at Towson. Fingers crossed- I nailed the interview, hopefully I'll get the internship residency in Rhode Island this summer.

Zeke Fletcher

finally finished

plastic and wax

Through the Canvas; Darkly

My (finally) finished sculpture! "Through the Canvas; Darkly" is one of the strongest pieces I've done so far, I think.

People are most afraid of what they don't know; the only time you encounter the unknown is when you look around the corner. This piece forces the viewer out of their comfort zone and into the unknown- look around the corner, see what's been hiding in the deepest recess. What's been growing there- something cancerous? Something dangerous? Something sinister? Probably something you didn't know about yourself.

I stuck with abstraction- I want the viewer to pull this monster out of their own imaginations. Everyone might think of it differently, relating it to their own monsters. To a cancer survivor, the painting was quite literally a surgical surface with a malignant underbelly. To a Vietnam veteran, the painting resembled rusted steel rivets with gore. One woman's interpretation went directly to McDonald's and health issues.

What do you see there in the corner?


I finished this one up last night. Bisque fired ceramic, painted with acrylic, low relief.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

On set this morning

I had about 45mins to sculpt this bust in the likeness of the actor sitting in the blue light on the left. The main character is an artist who is sculpting a bust of her boyfriend. I'm pretty pleased with it... Maybe I'll clean it up a bit and get it fired after they film it today.

It's been one hell of a productive day so far. I hope I can keep this momentum rolling.


I just got home from the studio- I've been there since 4 this afternoon. I'm covered in paint and silicone and Bondo/fiberglass dust and I still have soooo much work to do. I finished my monster painting tonight though and it looks incredible! Pics soon.
Tomorrow: final day of shooting on "A Work in Progress"- they need me to make a bust on set of one of the actors for a prop. Right now though, I'm dusty and dirty and need another cup of coffee.

See you at sunrise.


i need 30 some more sketches by thursday. eeeeeek.....