opening night

21g Gallery, Baltimore

 Eduardo Rodriguez, the gallery director

"Rift" alongside "You Are Here" 16mm film samples

"Orogenesis" 7'x4' 


Back to back monitors playing films "Tectonic" and "You Are Here"

Explaining concept and execution

My mom came all the way from Dallas <3

It was a great show. It'll be up till May 3rd, so if you haven't had a chance to see it, 
stop by and check it out!


M/Otherland, my senior thesis BFA honors show,
opens TOMORROW NIGHT (Thursday the 7th) at 21g Gallery!!!!

782 Washington Blvd.
Baltimore, MD

Two semesters of research and work have developed into the sculptures, drawings, paintings, and films that are included in this show. It is now the eve of the opening, and I would like to say thank you to all the people who helped me make this possible. This wasn't a one-woman show, there were so many important people who made this into what it is.

Thank you to Jan Baum, my thesis advisor, for making me reach my potential. Rachel Timmins, for always being  honest and encouraging. David Knopp and John Shea for thier generous in-kind donations, which allowed me to construct all my sculptures from reclaimed materials. Shelly Blake-Plock for the use of his song in my film, and for getting me into art in the first place. Kate Gilman and Jessica Schimpf for the wonderful poster design and for their unconditional support. My parents, for understanding my need to create. Eduardo Rodriguez for his promotion and for allowing me the space to make this event happen. Paul Harne and Drew Bassin for their help with installation. To everyone at my office for letting me work crazy hours so I could get everything done. Thanks to everyone else who ever gave me a critique, offered a hand or a shoulder, and inspired me.
Thank you.