visual space

Taken from NPR's blog 13.7:

"To localize an object means simply to represent the movements that would be necessary to reach it." These words of the great French mathematician and physicist Henri PoincarĂ© offer a bold statement of an idea that goes back to George Berkeley: the experience of space is grounded, finally, in our sense of our bodies, in our sense of our own degrees of freedom of movement.
Berkeley thought that touch was the spatial sense, for it was the movement sense. Vision without touch would deliver only flat pictures of the world around us.

In my work, I've been investigating the relationship people have to the places and space around them- this guy offers an interesting perspective. He proves that our connection with place does not rely on the visual landscape; place and space are much more tactile. Our sense of place develops not from the sight of a landscape, but from our physical interaction with that space.

This leads me to believe that my work needs to move toward installation and viewer participation.

The first piece of this series is a collaboration with fellow artist Jessica Scimpf, 
and will be shown at the City Arts Gallery for Artscape.

Lumber Party
City Arts Gallery
440 East Oliver Street
Opening July 9th

come lay on the lawn....